Mangrove Kayak Tour in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica


Kayak in Mangroves in Manuel Antonio

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Kayaking in Mangroves will take you to the waters surrounding Damas Island, far from the coast of Manuel Antonio National Park. When you visit this area, you will appreciate estuaries and mangroves, and paddle in the canals within the continental land. The Tour may set a fixed pace for this group, and no prior experience in kayaking will be required.


Mangrove Kayak Tour in Costa Rica

An estuary forms the transition between the rivers and the sea. In addition, mangroves occupy two different ecosystems; they only grow on the coasts, with their roots in a mixture of salt and fresh water. Fish and other aquatic species make these roots their homes, and the branches provide a habitat for monkeys. These two characteristics of the area make for a fascinating kayak trip.


Grand Kayaking Tour in Mangroves in Manuel Antonio Costa Rica


During the Journey you will be able to observe many species of birds and plants while you walk through the channels of the island. A professional instructor on your tour will help you spot different species of elusive animals.


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