Snorkeling Tour in Manuel Antonio


Snorkeling Tour in Costa Rica

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In the Manuel Antonio National Park is recognized throughout the world for its beautiful reefs and calm waters that allow a great experience of snorkelling. Those lovers of snorkelling that dive here, will be able to appreciate large groups of tropical fish. The species most likely to be talked about is neon parrotfish. These fish nibble on the reef, and are an essential component of the reef ecosystem.


Immerse yourself in the Wonderful Aquatic World in Manuel Antonio


The Tour departs from the dock of Quepos in a boat of 30 feet, we will start our trip along the coast of Manuel Antonio; taking us about 2 and a half hours.

Arriving at Biezans Beach, we will practice snorkeling for an hour and a half around volcanic rocks; This beach is known for its wide variety of fish and other marine species. Afterwards, we will take a break with fruits and water!


Admire the Large Groups of Tropical Fish in Manuel Antonio

The trip continues looking for our second place to practice snorkeling; where we can appreciate different species.

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